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So I'm a pretty happy lass right now

Posted on 2008.05.30 at 14:57
So house sitting my dads is pretty rad, its probably the nicest place ive ever lived in, so fucking classy.
And what do I do with it? Stick 2 smelly punks from the isle, crack open a beer and light a joint, aaaaah home.

Words cant even explained the joy im feeling right now, I'm so happy to have derek here, jew as well, but you know, kisses are pretty much the greatest thing ever, so hobo wins. Ahahaha...we'd only been apart for 2 days, if that, and it was still ghey. ahaha,. sick.
Isn't the gushy silly mushy stuff supposed to die down? Well, its not, actually, i just keep getting more and more smitten, its awesome.

Sorry I stole your hobo jesse...


ahollowvictory at 2008-06-02 04:39 (UTC) (Link)
Being smitten is what it's all about though... And it's a wonderous thing that no one can really step in between without being a giant jerk hahaha
I'm happy for the two of you, so don't even worry about it. I just need him to have employment hahaha =)

Good to hear everything over there is going well, make sure Jew gets his ass to rehab okay?
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