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exnay on sunday-ay

Posted on 2008.05.16 at 16:58
So due to technical difficulties, i will not be moving to nanaimo on sunday, I will be storing my stuff on the mainland for the next month, and stay at my dads ballin new apartment whilst he is in cuba for a month, so i get to live, rent free, food paid for, in a dope ass apartment, and wait for my dad to get back, when he will move all my shit to the island. this is soooooo awesome, because i was all panicky and rushed, and moving back on such short notice was probably not such a great idea, this way, by the time he gets back and its time to move, it will be time for me to move in with shelby. ill get a shitty job close to my dads house, so i wont feel bad for ditching it in a month.

not seeing derek will be hard, but like he made clear, we've waited years to see each other, another month wont kill us. plus since my dad will be paying me to stay, ill have money to go to the island for the scavenger hunt. plus im still coming to nanaimo on sunday for the fireworks, and operation make-out has already been clocked, cant back out now.

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