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Posted on 2008.05.15 at 20:09
Ok, so you know how for the past three years, every few months I'd log on, and be like, aw, i miss nanaimo, imma move back...and then never would? well fuckin guess what nanaimo, I'm coming back, and this time, its going to be different, you will not own me, you will not have this death grip over me and my friends. We're different now, we've changed and you haven't. You'll always be the same port town of dark energy and sorrow. But us, we're taller than you could've ever imagined, stronger as we go on.

Sunday is the day I return, and theres fireworks that night! it'll be magical!

So I'm dating the pirate hobo, thats pretty sweet. Actually, its more than pretty sweet, i just don't want to start being all cutesy and rambly again, because trust me, I can go on for quite sometime. I felt kinda weird for getting into another relationship so fast, seeing as how Im not sure I'm over kreg, but I realized, every hard breakup takes a toll, and I'd be a retard to choose sitting around being bunk and crying all the time, over someone that I don't want to be with, when I could be all giddy and retardedly happy like i am right now, with someone I do want to be with.

Im coming home.


shardsxofxstars at 2008-05-16 06:33 (UTC) (Link)
I already knew, but I'm still excited.
And guess what? I am going to the fireworks, and getting HAMMERED drunk. Like, 'wanna buy some heroin' drunk.
So give me a call when you get back.
New numba : 668-2954
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