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Posted on 2008.04.01 at 04:41
So I don't have to move. Such a relief. The other day, Andrew, Mason and I went to ihop, because i've been craving waffles, for so fucking long. We sit down, and i feel something underneath my foot. I look down and see this rad phone, i pick it up, its a sony ericsson w8501, the slide phone, and i already had a sony, so i just slid my chip in, snapped the original chip, and boom, i just acquired a 350 dollar phone. How pimped is that? Pretty dang snappy if you ask me.

I'm doing really well with this breakup. Which surprises me, because usually breakups just destroy me. I thought breaking up with kreg would debilitate me, he was my everything for so long, he was by far the best boy I have ever met. But he changed, and yes, I did introduce drugs to him, but he blames his addictions, his downfalls and lethargy on me, which isn't cool. at all. This breakup is good for the both of us, we both just got too comfortable, let priorities slide down the ladder of importance, focused on either drugs, or fighting. And I admit, my drug use is a bit absurd, and i am very reckless in my ways, I'm not very focused on the future, and not a very legit minded person, and I don't have a problem with that.....I'm still really young, this is my time to fuck around, i know i can always turn my ways around, when the time is right. And that clashes BIGGIE with every aspect of kregs life. He's alot older than i, and thats a big factor in our differences I'm sure, hes in full on school mode, and apparently i am too distracting. if we were getting along great, he was too distracted, if we were fighting, he was too distracted...bah, i hope this split gives him the drive to finish school...

So, recently, I've been having island times, but in vancouver, which is such a nice feeling. dubya,mason, and andrew all live over here now, and i can already feel my life improving. Not that I'm relying on people to make my life better, but islanders just do it for me. they way the talk, they way they smell, the way they interact with people, just makes me feel whole.

dubya is moving into the apartment with me when kreg leaves at the end of this month, I'm really excited, hes just so awesome to have around, so charismatic, genuinely funny, has answers to most of my questions, and he fixed my darth vader belt buckle, so, that right there, makes him king. we're gonna build a divider in the living room, so we don't have to share a room, and he doesn't have to sleep on the futon.

I got 1400 bux on my tax return....never in a million years thought i would get that much back. Imma get my seahorse tattoo finally...on my right forearm/ wrist, with the tail curling around my wrist, onto the base of my palm. GET NEW SPECTACLES.imma pay my phone bill, get my shambhala ticket, buy the pc off kreg..and maybe get some new digs.


taimaifackinshu at 2008-04-01 16:31 (UTC) (Link)
Stoked to hear youre doing so well!
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